THIS skirt

My outstanding friend Roisin brought me this H and M skirt back from Montreal. It was a lot harder to get over here. I love it. It’s not the easiest skirt to just throw on on any given morning as it requires a little thought. On this day I wore it with an oversize black tee with the sleeves pushed up, liiiiiiiight black tights and some boots. I also went for a chunky choker! The key for wearing decadent items day to day is to work on making the rest of your outfit that bit more casual.

Excuse the pic quality.





My Met Favourites

I think these ladies rocked it most at the met ball last night.

SJP for complete Carrie-esque style.

Mary Kate for her vintage, folky vibes.

And Florence for her Western grunge inspired look.

I love them all for refusing to fit the typical glammed up mould and looking all the more awesome for it.