THIS skirt

My outstanding friend Roisin brought me this H and M skirt back from Montreal. It was a lot harder to get over here. I love it. It’s not the easiest skirt to just throw on on any given morning as it requires a little thought. On this day I wore it with an oversize black tee with the sleeves pushed up, liiiiiiiight black tights and some boots. I also went for a chunky choker! The key for wearing decadent items day to day is to work on making the rest of your outfit that bit more casual.

Excuse the pic quality.





Spring into Christmas

With the festive season just around the corner and new stock dropping left right and centre, I was quite certain this blog was going to be concerned with something ‘Christmassy’. Luckily I was distracted just in time. H and M have just released their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and it’s certainly vibrant enough to brighten up these dark evenings. The pieces range from a bohemian Isabel Marant, to a sports luxe Stella McCartney with some western and folk references thrown in for good measure. So, all in all nothing too ground-breaking. In fact, if anything they have fallen back on catwalk trends from spring/summer 2012. That isn’t to say that they haven’t reworked all of the above and presented us with some unique pieces. Although expensive (299€), the red trophy jacket is an outfit in itself, provided you keep the rest minimal. Especially great are the fringed skirt and sequined mini, and, though daring, the red tassled skirt would work a treat teamed with the white studded boots.