Sporty Goodness

I was recently informed by my AMAZING friend Rob of a website called For those of you unaware of it’s existence, it’s a super cheap place where you can buy all sorts of sporty stuff. I’ve been quite hooked ever since. Yesterday I received my first delivery! It was very exciting.

These neon Nikes were just 39€. I’m in love.

photo (11)


And this awesome Adidas olympian top was….3€! I had originally planned for it to be used for running purposes but now Im imagining it in all sorts fashion scenarios, paired with metallic skirts, cut off shorts, sequins! The list goes on.

photo (12)So have a look here


An Alternative Valentines Gift

1I got this as a Valentines gift. A pretty sweet alternative to the usual. I think the colour gives it a very old school, vintage look. I’m going to start doing a few outfit posts so I plan on working this in to the first. I envisage it being sports luxe inspired. Till then!