Sunny Days

Yesterday it felt a lot like summer. So much so that we decided to have a barbecue. Maybe it was a tad crazy but I’m all of the opinion of living in the now and foregoing the ‘what if’ scenarios. As it was a relaxed, eating with hands affair, I kept the outfit a scruffy/casual one. The t-shirt is a Paul Smith creation which belongs to my boyf but I love. It’s a perfect loose fit which allows me to roll up the sleeves. I went for low slung flares on the bottom and wooden wedges to continue the 70’s vibe.







Head Candy

I’ve always been a fan of head pieces. 70’s bands, bejeweled chains, anything that will subtly (or sometimes not so) add to what I’m wearing. Since the weather is beginning to feel somewhat summery/festivally I’m searching for inspiration, only this time I’m thinking the more embellished the better. Over-sized jewels are BIG this season so I’m on a mission to go full whack. Stay tuned for an outfit post. For now, this is what’s feeding my summer buzz.

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If you’re feeling my boho vibes, Shutterbug┬áhave some beautiful pieces or if you’re lusting after something ready made head to River Island.

Vintage Fridays

Today I wore an outfit which wasn’t really in any way based on what’s trending. It combines a playsuit I’ve had for a a couple of years alongside possibly the BEST vintage find I’ve ever had. I found this very cool coat in a charity shop for…. wait for it…. FOUR EURO. Yep! I’m still madly in love. On top of it’s shaggy, 70’s vibe it’s the cosiest piece of clothing I own.

Excuse the photo quality, my preferred apparatus was MIA.

photo (1)photo (2)