The slip dress…

Last week I decided to face my fears and purchase a slip dress. Now a ‘slip dress’ is by no means a dress in a slip style. It’s just a slip that I am going to work as a dress. Naturally I’m a bit apprehensive. When one doesn’t live in the major fashion capitals of the world, a strangers confused look at your ‘underwear as outerwear’ can be enough to vow never to wear that item of clothing again! BUT I’m going to take a chance. I’ve googled around looking for ideas and with the 90’s still popular, along with Kate Bosworth’s recent Coachella collection for Topshop, I’m not alone. The garment in question (pictured below) is a very pretty yellow which I feel I must toughen up. My planned outfit will go something like this. 3

4 1

The jacket is Tim Ryan and waaaay out of my price range but I may invest in a cheaper fringed suede version. I also think some chunky gold jewellary will be in there somewhere! Stay tuned for a proper outfit post soon and if anyone has any suggestions on how to wear the slip dress, I’d love to hear your comments!


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