As I’m ALL about ‘The Secret’, I’m picturing myself riding around in this baby. Someday..

Nissan Figaro FK10


Sunny Days

Yesterday it felt a lot like summer. So much so that we decided to have a barbecue. Maybe it was a tad crazy but I’m all of the opinion of living in the now and foregoing the ‘what if’ scenarios. As it was a relaxed, eating with hands affair, I kept the outfit a scruffy/casual one. The t-shirt is a Paul Smith creation which belongs to my boyf but I love. It’s a perfect loose fit which allows me to roll up the sleeves. I went for low slung flares on the bottom and wooden wedges to continue the 70’s vibe.






Head Candy

I’ve always been a fan of head pieces. 70’s bands, bejeweled chains, anything that will subtly (or sometimes not so) add to what I’m wearing. Since the weather is beginning to feel somewhat summery/festivally I’m searching for inspiration, only this time I’m thinking the more embellished the better. Over-sized jewels are BIG this season so I’m on a mission to go full whack. Stay tuned for an outfit post. For now, this is what’s feeding my summer buzz.

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If you’re feeling my boho vibes, Shutterbug have some beautiful pieces or if you’re lusting after something ready made head to River Island.


I’ve had a black maxi skirt for a while now. For reasons unknown to me, it always gets shoved to the back of my wardrobe. It’s not very winter friendly unless you wear tights underneath which I’m not a fan of so it’s usually kept for milder climes. Like now. So today I fished it out and went a searching for some inspiration. I came to the conclusion that it works best with loose, folky tops/shirts. Boho if you like. Sequins also work. Top it off with a trilby and some biker boots and you’re ready to go. I paired mine with a loose, denim, studded River Island shirt, black ankle boots and a tweed trilby. The perfect amount of warmth. Here’s some inspiration I found online.

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Bombers are IN!

The 90’s strike yet again with the return of the bomber. Silk, printed, quilted, velvet, you name it, it’s a bomber jacket. I picked up this ‘Chanel’ one in Shutterbug (see previous post) last year and still can’t believe my luck. I also managed to get my hands on the cut-out boots from New Look. I haven’t taken them off since.


Something VERY Good..

I know this blog is predominantly a fashion blog, BUT, as much as I’m fashion crazy, I have the same vested interest in music. Which is why I feel the need to post about a band I recently discovered: Alt-J

I’m probably waaay behind the times here but to me they are brand new and I’m loving them. Their perfect blend of melancholic, summery, feel good sounds has me yearning for sun-drenched beer-gardens and river banks with ‘An Awesome Wave’ soundtracking in the background. Here’s a little taste:


Last weekend the amazing treasure trove of beautiful clothing that is Shutterbug hosted yet another fabulous vintage kilo sale. It was crrrrrazy down there. But if you persevered you were rewarded! Which I was, with this beautiful, batwing sequined top. As it cost €20 per kilo, my find came to a mere €7.60. Sa-weet!

Here’s an outfit post I did on my way to the pub! I also finally got the River Island ripped boyfriend jeans. They keep the outfit from looking too flashy!




For those of you still not in the know about Shutterbug you can find it here or visit their sister store at

Sporty Goodness

I was recently informed by my AMAZING friend Rob of a website called For those of you unaware of it’s existence, it’s a super cheap place where you can buy all sorts of sporty stuff. I’ve been quite hooked ever since. Yesterday I received my first delivery! It was very exciting.

These neon Nikes were just 39€. I’m in love.

photo (11)


And this awesome Adidas olympian top was….3€! I had originally planned for it to be used for running purposes but now Im imagining it in all sorts fashion scenarios, paired with metallic skirts, cut off shorts, sequins! The list goes on.

photo (12)So have a look here