How I miss this…

I spied on that Sarah Jessica Parker celebrated her birthday yesterday. Or as most of us know her: Carrie Bradshaw. It got me thinking of the wonder that was/is ‘Sex and the City’ and how nothing on TV has ever come close to it. Well to me anyway. It had everything. The fashion, the city and most importantly, the characters. It gave us advice and taught us to see our bad decisions as great life lessons. If we were ever confused by relationships you could be certain that something similar will have happened in SATC. Yes it was unrealistic in many ways but in terms of advice giving it was bang on. And I very much miss it. As Carrie once said,’they say it takes half the amount of time you dated someone to get over them.’ In this case I can safely say I’ll never be over my relationship with Sex and the City. So in celebration of all things ‘Carrie’, here are some of her fashion wonders.



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