Here comes the sun..

Ireland is going to be hosting a lot of great gigs and festivals this summer and I for one am very excited. This Versace silk mini-dress is on my dream list. I’ll be looking for a cheaper clone on the high street. I would pair it with these fabulous cut out boots from New Look, messy hair and a glowing tan (real or fake depending!)



How I miss this…

I spied on that Sarah Jessica Parker celebrated her birthday yesterday. Or as most of us know her: Carrie Bradshaw. It got me thinking of the wonder that was/is ‘Sex and the City’ and how nothing on TV has ever come close to it. Well to me anyway. It had everything. The fashion, the city and most importantly, the characters. It gave us advice and taught us to see our bad decisions as great life lessons. If we were ever confused by relationships you could be certain that something similar will have happened in SATC. Yes it was unrealistic in many ways but in terms of advice giving it was bang on. And I very much miss it. As Carrie once said,’they say it takes half the amount of time you dated someone to get over them.’ In this case I can safely say I’ll never be over my relationship with Sex and the City. So in celebration of all things ‘Carrie’, here are some of her fashion wonders.


Things I’d Like…


Both of these Zara sweaters. Loving the balloon effect of the tangerine alongside the quilted effect of the white.



Both of these trousers from River Island. I have boyfriend jeans which are literally mens vintage Levis. However, these ripped ones are a little more fitted and hang nice and low. The leather effect trousers I’ve been lusting after for quite a long time.


I know, I know MORE dungaree type things BUT one needs a pair for those warmer days in which I would pair them with….


…the Coltrane boot from Jeffrey Campbell. Serious craving for these bad boys.

That should do for now!

Vintage Fridays

Today I wore an outfit which wasn’t really in any way based on what’s trending. It combines a playsuit I’ve had for a a couple of years alongside possibly the BEST vintage find I’ve ever had. I found this very cool coat in a charity shop for…. wait for it…. FOUR EURO. Yep! I’m still madly in love. On top of it’s shaggy, 70’s vibe it’s the cosiest piece of clothing I own.

Excuse the photo quality, my preferred apparatus was MIA.

photo (1)photo (2)