A lovely turn-up!


Pairing studded pistol boots with boyfriend jeans is a very efficient and trendful (I think I just made that up) way to keep warm of a freezing Thursday!




Street Style: Milan Fashion Week

These two looks are just stunning.

Loving the pink oversized coat and how it’s paired with denim turn ups and brogues. Very Simone Rocha.


Plus a first class lesson in how to do white. The quilted suit is beautiful.


Thanks to @Grazia_Live for images

Run Baby Run

So I’ve recently gotten into running. Or jogging rather. I’m a bit late with the fad but I’m enjoying it. I grab himself (the dog or the son) and off I go. One of the ways I’ve managed to stay enthusiastic about this, aside from the fitness benefits, is having nice sportswear that I like putting on. Gone are the days of grey, faded trackies. Nope, now I’m all shiny and neon. Like a real runner (jogger?). Here’s some looks to keep you positive when the weather is bitingly cold. Like today.


Simone Rocha Autumn/Winter 2013

London fashion week is just about done. Next stop is Milan and following that Pareeee! Whilst I would have loved  to been ‘frow’ for any designer, Simone Rocha kind of took the cake with this one. Definitely a romantic collection, it was inspired by her Irish and Chinese Grandmothers. For me, it was just a very simple, ready to wear, effortlessly cool (with a touch of Hollywood vintage) collection. I especially love brogues being paired with everything no matter how glam. Here are my favourites.


White Hot

1So white is big this season. Not the easiest trend to wear living in a country that has a lot of rain and in turn a lot of muck but it is one of the coolest looks that will be crossing our paths this year. Ever the one to be inspired, I fell head over heels in love with Natalia Vodianova’s cover shoot for NET-A-PORTER. So much so that I attempted my hair á la crimp. For now I’m searching for a white bomber. I’ll more than likely wear it with vintage Levis and lots of gold jewellery. And the crimp. Of course.