Collar Me Beautiful

Collars are everywhere. Since first appearing in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer collection in 2010, it’s taken quite a while for them to catch on but it doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving anytime soon. However, they’ve evolved from dainty, peter-pan esque types to full blown leather numbers with studs (if preferred!). When it comes to collars, you name it and they’ve got it. The menu is huge, with endless flavours to choose from and I suggest the bigger the better.

As they do with all trends, Topshop have reworked the collar and marketed them at an affordable price. Here they’ve given us a new take on the classic peter pan. Made of gold look chainmail, it’s flashy without being flamboyant and still looks neat.

They’ve also produced a slightly different take on the trend, by introducing the ‘collar tips’. Think of it as cufflinks for your collar in a way. These gunmetal wolf ones are subtle yet at the same time quite eye-catching.

Of course at the upper end of the spectrum, net-a-porter has some nice designer versions. This Alexander McQueen shearling collar is a lot more expensive but very cool. The muted champagne colour is discreet and will work with almost everything. Plus, with winter coming, there is the added benefit of warmth!

Finally, and definitely my favourite, is the Bonzie collar, designed exclusively for Folkster. If you like your collar big and bold then this is where to find it.  Each piece is completely unique which means if you like something don’t wait around, or you’ll end up sorely disappointed! As I have sadly just found out.


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