Koople Focal

Ah ‘The Kooples’. Every time I see one of their wonderful images it makes me want to ditch fuss and clunky shoes in favour of a more minimal and elegant French style of dress. It reminds me how boyish and understated can be sexier than any Hervé Leger bodycon. Created by the Elicha brothers in 2008, it has grown in popularity thanks to it’s gorilla style of advertising. Described by one of it’s founders, Alexandre Elicha, as ‘a bit English dandy, a bit rock’n’roll, with a bit of french chic and je ne sais quoi’, it has taken the high end of the high street by storm. Its clear cut, tailored lines showcase an androgynous style that appeals to both male and female alike.

However, it is its disregard for what’s trending on the catwalk that makes ‘The Kooples’ so special. It is timeless and at the same time completely current. Each look is unique and has yet to look dated. It’s hugely inspiring and for those who can’t afford the actual items, very easy to replicate. Little, if none, of the pieces are iconic. Instead they serve as a template on which you can design your own looks for a fraction of the price. With ‘The Kooples’ there’s no need to explain, the pictures speak for themselves.


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