Some Inspiration!

I’m loving what Jessica Biel wore recently to the Hitchcock premiere. For some it might be altogether too much, but for me the whole outfit works a treat. Using her style as a template I’ve created a lesser sequined version, which works on a more casual level for everyday wear. Mesh pants are going to be everywhere come spring but at the moment I must make do with the Maison Margiela for H and M mirrorball leggings. Not as cool I know, but still pretty great. If money were no option I’d pair them with this ‘Radarte’ tee, River Island blazer and Topshop boots.  Et Voila!

Spring into Christmas

With the festive season just around the corner and new stock dropping left right and centre, I was quite certain this blog was going to be concerned with something ‘Christmassy’. Luckily I was distracted just in time. H and M have just released their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook and it’s certainly vibrant enough to brighten up these dark evenings. The pieces range from a bohemian Isabel Marant, to a sports luxe Stella McCartney with some western and folk references thrown in for good measure. So, all in all nothing too ground-breaking. In fact, if anything they have fallen back on catwalk trends from spring/summer 2012. That isn’t to say that they haven’t reworked all of the above and presented us with some unique pieces. Although expensive (299€), the red trophy jacket is an outfit in itself, provided you keep the rest minimal. Especially great are the fringed skirt and sequined mini, and, though daring, the red tassled skirt would work a treat teamed with the white studded boots.



Collar Me Beautiful

Collars are everywhere. Since first appearing in Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer collection in 2010, it’s taken quite a while for them to catch on but it doesn’t look like they’ll be leaving anytime soon. However, they’ve evolved from dainty, peter-pan esque types to full blown leather numbers with studs (if preferred!). When it comes to collars, you name it and they’ve got it. The menu is huge, with endless flavours to choose from and I suggest the bigger the better.

As they do with all trends, Topshop have reworked the collar and marketed them at an affordable price. Here they’ve given us a new take on the classic peter pan. Made of gold look chainmail, it’s flashy without being flamboyant and still looks neat.

They’ve also produced a slightly different take on the trend, by introducing the ‘collar tips’. Think of it as cufflinks for your collar in a way. These gunmetal wolf ones are subtle yet at the same time quite eye-catching.

Of course at the upper end of the spectrum, net-a-porter has some nice designer versions. This Alexander McQueen shearling collar is a lot more expensive but very cool. The muted champagne colour is discreet and will work with almost everything. Plus, with winter coming, there is the added benefit of warmth!

Finally, and definitely my favourite, is the Bonzie collar, designed exclusively for Folkster. If you like your collar big and bold then this is where to find it.  Each piece is completely unique which means if you like something don’t wait around, or you’ll end up sorely disappointed! As I have sadly just found out.

Acne: The good kind.

With winter fast approaching it’s important to start stocking up on the essentials. A good coat (I recommend the m’s: minimal and mannish) and a good pair of boots. Whilst the former is quite easy to find on all budgets, I suggest putting a little bit more aside for the latter. And where better to find both these items than Acne. It may be pricey but it will see you through from winter to spring for years to come.

Created in Sweden by Jonny Johansson and three of his colleagues, Acne has become an almost mini empire since it’s launch in 1996. It’s range covers everything from bicycles and sofas, to fashion and footwear. Even it’s marketing strategies are unusual. Rather than using traditional fashion campaigns, Acne releases a bi-annual thematic magazine ‘Acne Paper’, with each issue having a different influential contributor. Past writers have included Carine Roitfeld, Noam Chomsky, David Lynch and Tilda Swinton.

Acne’s style ranges from tailored and minimal, to unstructured and bold. However, every item is of high quality and made to last. Their range of coats is endless and covers all areas, moving from quiet and unassuming to loud and brash. I’m especially in love with the lime colour that’s cropping up all over this seasons range.

Their footwear is of just as high a standard and covers all facets of daily (and nightly!) life. But as I’m concentrating on the ‘winter boot’ I’ve just included their much sought after ‘pistol’ range and, my favourite, their ‘cypress jodhpur boot’.

Oh Acne, how I wish I could afford thee…

Koople Focal

Ah ‘The Kooples’. Every time I see one of their wonderful images it makes me want to ditch fuss and clunky shoes in favour of a more minimal and elegant French style of dress. It reminds me how boyish and understated can be sexier than any Hervé Leger bodycon. Created by the Elicha brothers in 2008, it has grown in popularity thanks to it’s gorilla style of advertising. Described by one of it’s founders, Alexandre Elicha, as ‘a bit English dandy, a bit rock’n’roll, with a bit of french chic and je ne sais quoi’, it has taken the high end of the high street by storm. Its clear cut, tailored lines showcase an androgynous style that appeals to both male and female alike.

However, it is its disregard for what’s trending on the catwalk that makes ‘The Kooples’ so special. It is timeless and at the same time completely current. Each look is unique and has yet to look dated. It’s hugely inspiring and for those who can’t afford the actual items, very easy to replicate. Little, if none, of the pieces are iconic. Instead they serve as a template on which you can design your own looks for a fraction of the price. With ‘The Kooples’ there’s no need to explain, the pictures speak for themselves.