Affordable Designer? Yes Please!

There’s something very strange happening at the moment and it’s been happening for quite some time now. Suddenly designer is becoming affordable. Now, I don’t mean affordable in the ‘buying a designer keyring’ type way. I mean affordable in the buying actual clothes type way. Up until recently the thoughts of owning anything by top catwalk designers remained firmly in the minds of those who are flush. This, however, has changed, and these great designers have started to spare a few thoughts for the common everyday folk. In my opinion what funks up a look and makes it unique, is a certain key piece. Something that you don’t find everyday on the high-street. And this is where ‘affordable designer’ works it’s wonderful magic.

Karl Lagerfeld, the man responsible for Chanel, has designed his own bespoke range ‘Karl’ which you can find at and oh my goodness does it feature some gems. Like this amazing paillette jumper for €300. Yes, it might not be as cheap as your average sweater but it’s worth it. For a start not everybody is going to sporting one of these. Furthermore, going the extra distance on the price means you can save on what you pair it with, be it cigarette pants or if you’re feeling daring, some skinny leathers. Also, check out the back. Beautiful!

Another one to look out for is ‘Isabel Marant’ and it’s sister line ‘Étoile Isabel Marant’. The epitome of French boho chic.  I’m especially loving the brocade mini skirt priced at €390 which is fabulously on trend and won’t break the bank, well not too much. Like I said, splashing out for one key piece might seem initially daunting but you’ll find yourself returning to it again and again, rather than throwing out the same, faded, poor quality items every month.

Now what I’ve mentioned is just a mere drop in an ocean of loveliness! There are endless pieces out there. JW Anderson for Topshop, Maison Margiela for H and M, and William Tempest for River Island, to name but a few. Topshop are especially great for grabbing big names. Although gone now, who can forget those Mary Katrantzou dresses? So there you have it,  designer affordable on a budget. Just keep your pieces minimal and try to avoid any memorable logos. Just because Alexa is rocking a certain jumper, doesn’t mean it’ll stay that unique forever. Sooner rather than later a certain high-street chain will have gotten their hands on a cheap knock off and you’ll be seeing your new prized possession every where you turn.